Jakub Olejnik

Katedra Informatyki Stosowanej, Katedra Prawdopodobieństwa i Statystyki

Office Hours / Konsultacje (Autum/Winter Semester 2017/18):
22.01 Monday 10.00-12.00 B107
24.01 Wednesday 11.00-12.30 B107
NOTICE: I will not be available in the second week of the exam session i.e. 29.01 - 02.02 !
14.02 Wednesday 11.30-13.00 B107

Courses currently tought:

Files for the Algorithms and Complexity can be found here.

As a general rule for your assignments, please do make sure that I do like your solutions to assignment tasks. Don't be surprised if you don't get your final mark before discussing your work with me.

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