Jakub Olejnik

Katedra Informatyki Stosowanej, Katedra Prawdopodobieństwa i Statystyki

Office Hours in Exam Session:
12th June 10.00-12.00 room C107/C109
22th June 12.00-13.30 room C107/C109
14th September 11.30-13.00 room C107/C109
20th September 13.00-14.30 room C107/C109

Operating systems lab test retake:
21th September 13.00-14.30 room C107/C109

See also: http://en.math.uni.lodz.pl/en/exam-dates/, however exams will start at 9.45 rather than 9.00.

Courses currently tought

Files for the Advanced Algorithms can be found here.

As a general rule for your assignments please do make sure that I do like your solutions to assignment tasks, don't be surprised if you don't get your final mark before discussing your work with me.

Q. Is it still the time to submit the Algorithms and Complexity project?
A. It is always time to do some fun algorithms project, if you ask me. Whether I will be able to give you a mark for that, that is a completely different question, which should be answered by the deans office, as the usosweb grade interface has been closed for me for quite some time.

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