Seminarium Wydziałowe – Prof. G. Garvey wygłosi mini-wykład pt. “Disruption, Innovation, Engagement: Management Strategies”.


Szanowni Państwo,

Serdecznie zapraszam pracowników i studentów Wydziału, szczególnie

informatyków, na spotkanie z Profesorem Gregiem Garvey’em z Quinnipiac

University (Connecticut, USA). Prof. Garvey wygłosi mini-wykład pt.

“Disruption, Innovation, Engagement: Management Strategies”, po którym

odbędzie się dyskusja na temat możliwości nawiązania współpracy.


Spotkanie odbędzie się we wtorek 17 października w godz. 10:15 – 12:00 w

sali D103.


Szczególnie proszę o przybycie osoby zajmujące się grafiką komputerową i

teorią gier.


Poniżej krótki opis proponowanego wykładu, informacja biograficzna oraz

tematy do dyskusji.


Prof. dr hab. Marcin Studnarski

Dziekan WMiI UŁ


Słowo wstępne

Działalność profesora G. Garvey’a skupiona jest wokół tematyki gier i z

nią wiąże możliwości współpracy z naszą Uczelnią. Poruszane zagadnienia są

bardzo szerokie, od praktycznych (programowanie, grafika, projektowanie

gier) do mniej typowych jak wykorzystanie idei gier w biznesie

(gamifiction). Celem wizyty Pana Profesora w Polsce jest próba nawiązania

kontaktów z zainteresowanymi tematem jednostkami i firmami (dokładniejszy

opis celu pobytu poniżej). Spotkanie na naszym Wydziale ma być okazją do

wymiany poglądów, dyskusji, przedstawienia oczekiwań i możliwości jakimi

dysponują Uczelnie.


The discussion could be entitled: Disruption, Innovation, Engagement:

Management Strategies.


Panel Summary

Only 12% of companies in the Fortune 500 in 1955 still exist. A major

driver behind this is what Clayton Christensen of the Harvard Business

School has called “disruptive innovation”. Today’s business environment

demands near-continuous innovation in the face of disruption. Greg Garvey

will discuss strategies to embrace disruption as an opportunity to

innovate and how to manage the change internally and externally by

engaging in fun and less stressful work flows.


So I propose that I will specifically talk about gamification in my talk

in Poland. I do plan to also briefly touch upon the theme of disruption

and innovation.  Disruptors that are driven by innovation: robotics,

autonomous vehicles, AI, future of games (AR, VR & mixed reality),

nano-techology, climate change, cyber Security & cyber-warefare, 3D

printing&rapid prototyping and manufacturing/outsourcing – business

models, drones for peace time use and for warfare.


Notka biograficzna

Greg Garvey is the Director of Game Design & Development at Quinnipiac

University. He started in the games industry at Parker Brothers and later

Spinnaker Software developing mass market and educational games. He has

held previous appointments at Quinnipiac as the Chair of Visual &

Performing Arts, Visiting Fellow in the Arts; as an Associate Artist of

the Digital Media Center for the Arts at Yale University; Chair of the

Department of Design Art at Concordia University in Montréal where he also

was a member of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Design Institute.

After finishing his graduate work at MIT he held the appointment as Fellow

at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) at MIT.  He has also

exhibited projects at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York; at the

Landesmuseum in Linz, Austria; the Victoria and Albert Museum in London;

Tech Fest in Mumbai, India and elsewhere.



Tematy do dyskusji:

During my visit I would like to have the opportunity to discuss the

following and investigate opportunities:


  1. The introduction of gamification in business courses and the

application to marketing, employee engagement, productivity and

management. Here is a concise definition of gamification: Gamification is

the application of game-design elements, game mechanics and principles in

non-game contexts – to motivate participation, engagement, and



  1. I am currently working with the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

in organizing a panel discussion on the topic of engagement, gamification,

economic & financial disruptors and the leveraging of emotional

intelligence for marketing, sales and negotiation. This panel will be part

of the Big Connect in November organized and hosted by the GNHCC. I would

welcome the opportunity to engage with the counterpart Chamber of Commerce

in Northern/Eastern Europe and I could give a talk on gamification.


  1. I would like to reach out to game companies based in Poland. Pending

final travel plans (which cities) meetings with key representatives would

be helpful to build contacts for possible internships for our QU game

design students, contacts for jobs and even establishing contacts with

those professional who could Skype into our course here at QU or when they

travel to attend conference we might arrange for their visit to campus.


  1. Just today I met with a student who would like to do a semester abroad

in Poland! There are several different approaches to be pursued. While

studying abroad many students take courses that satisfy their gen ed

requirements in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine Arts.

It would be helpful to identify institutions that offer courses which QU

students could take and the course credits transfer back to QU. It would

be also helpful to identify institutions of higher learning that offer

courses in game design, computer graphics, programming, game art, 2D & 3D

modeling and animation. I am curious about how far Dave Tomcyzk pursued

identifying courses for QU students to take while abroad in Poland?



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