Data Analysis

Data Analysis – 3,5 year engineering studies, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Lodz.

Contemporary information systems allow to gather and process large amounts of data. Possessing and competent using of the systems may decide about gaining by a company the competitive advantage. Therefore, it is necessary to train specialists who have abilities to search for information and to analyze data in a broad sense.

Due to the explosion of the amount of digital data, data analysis is one of the fields of science which are developing the fastest. While the volume of the data analysis market has already been very high, its potential is still growing. According to Forbes Magazine, it is  estimated that the sector of Big Data will be worth 50 billion dollars until 2017!

Big Data means receiving, consolidating, processing, analyzing and visualizing data. The aim of these activities is to create an image, a profile of a customer or situations and problems existing in the company’s environment.
Therefore, the services of data analysts are used by banks, insurance companies, trading companies, e.g., Allegro, or telecommunications service providers, and, above all, by the IT sector, e.g., Google Inc.
Such specialists will be also sought by the public administration.

Meeting the demands of the labor market, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Lodz starts a new interdisciplinary engineering major – Data Analysis.

A data analyst is a person whose main task is to acquire new, essential information and knowledge from data coming from various sources.

Data Analysis is a major which combines mathematics and computer science and fulfills a growing demand for specialists – data analysis engineers. The program of the studies was created in cooperation with the companies from the Business Council at the faculty so that the competences of a graduate could fit the needs of companies.

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