Zajęcia firmowe Commerzbanku

Uwaga!/ Attention!

Są jeszcze wolne miejsca na zajęcia z przedmiotu Projektowanie Narzędzi Business Intelligence/ There are still some places available for the Design of Business Intelligence Tools course.

Zajęcia mają charakter online i są prowadzone przez specjalistki z Commerzbanku –  do wyboru w wersji polskiej lub angielskiej/Classes are online and conducted by specialists from Commerzbank in Polish or English.


Description of the course: As part of the Design of Business Intelligence Tools course we offer workshops during which reporting tool – Qlik Sense is introduced. The program of classes includes four 2-hour meetings, consisting of a lecture and practical exercises in the area of ​​script writing and data transformation in Qlik Sense. As part of the workshop, examples of challenges that DevOps BI faces while working in a bank will be presented. Students solve problems based on everyday project tasks, in particular related to the development of Qlik Sense applications, and learned about best practices that should be used when working in an enterprise environment. During the final classes, students will take a quiz that covers the most important issues raised during the course.

Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt/If you are interested, please contact me directly

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